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Welcome to The Ward

Here you can explore the wards at Leeds Children’s Hospital and meet some of the team.

Tests, Scans & Procedures

Films about potential tests, scans & procedures you/your child might have while at Leeds Children's Hospital.

Patient Stories & Experiences

Films featuring the patients themselves, sharing their experiences of hospital and or their health condition.

Preparing To Come Into Hospital

Films to help young people and there families to prepare for a visit to hospital. 

Meet The Team

A chance to meet some of the team that you might meet during your visit/stay at Leeds Children's Hospital.

Healthcare Transition

Films explaining what transition from children's services to adult services could mean for you. The films focus on the experiences of patients and families as well as hearing the professionals.

Youth Forum

Films all about Leeds Teaching Hospital Trust's (LTHT) Youth Forum who are a group of young people who help to advise professionals on how services and the environment at Leeds Teaching Hospitals could be improved to meet the needs of all Children and young people.

Video Booth

A snapshot of what our video booth caught on camera while at Leeds Children's Hospital.

Children's Events

Films from Leeds Children's Hospital's focusing on events in/out of the hospital.


Films showcasing how important it is to practise good hand hygiene whilst visiting Leeds Children's Hospital.

Other Films

Some other films that you might find interesting 

and useful to watch.