Haematology & Oncology Films

Children and Teenage Haematology and Oncology ward

This is Julie White & Ben Sykes who will welcome you to the Children's Haematology & Oncology Day Unit.

Ward L31

This is Karen Potts who will welcome you to Ward L31 which is the Children's Haematology and Oncology ward.

Ward L33

This is Graham Douglas who will welcome you to Ward L33 which is the Teenage Cancer and Haematology Unit.

Ward 94 - St. James's Hospital

Youth Support Coordinator Carrie tells us all about Ward 94 which is located at St. James's Hospital which treats 18-25 year olds with haematology/oncology conditions.

Male Fertility Preservation

In this film we get to follow the process of male fertility preservation. Dan talks about what it was like for him and professionals involved explain the process and reasons behind sperm storage.

All About Chemotherapy

Dr Bob talks about receiving Chemotherapy and why it impacts on your body.

All About Surgery

Dr Bob talks about having surgery for Young People with cancer.

All About Radiotherapy

Dr Bob talks about receiving Radiotherapy as part of the treatment for cancer.

All about Stem Cell Transplant

Dr Bob talks about why you may need a stem cell transplant and what it does to your body.

Go to jtvcancersupport.com for films from young people with cancer.

JTV Cancer Support is a project for teenagers and young adults who have been affected by cancer. Using all aspects of media it enables young people to explore and express their feelings, and make some sense of their very personal journeys from diagnosis onwards.