Cardiac Films

What is PPE(Personal Protective Equipment)

Ablation - How the heart works - Plumbing & Electrics

Dr. Dom Hares explains how the heart works.

Ablation - Types of treatment

Dr. Dom Hares explains the possible treatment options available should their be a problem with your/your child's heart.

Ablation - The Procedure

Dr. Dom Hares talks us through the procedure.

Ablation - Benefits & Risks

Dr. Dom Hares takes us through the potential benefits and risks of having the procedure.

3 Simple exercises to build thigh muscles

Emma shows us 3 easy exercises to build up our thigh muscles after or during treatment.

3 Simple exercises to build leg muscle

Emma will now show us how to exercise the rest of out legs with different variations of workouts.

Working Heart Animation

Tetralogy of Fallot

Transition Your Journey

British Heart Foundation - Going To Uni With A Heart Condition a meet@teenheart film

Moving on

Childrens Heart Surgery - Tetralogy of Repairs