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Please enter your email address to upload your film clips or audio recording, so we can edit them or prepare them for the App . (Please remember to fill in the form below!)

After you have entered your email and sent your clips please tell us about the clips you have sent and any other information we may need. 

Just search for lchtv.com in the App Stores.

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Becoming a Filmmaker Do's and Don'ts

Fancy becoming a lchtv filmmaker but not sure how to film or what to film on? Check out this quick guide to a few filming tips!

How to Upload Your Footage

If you have footage ready to send us here at lchtv, watch this short film showing step by step guide on how to upload.

What to Talk About

Would you like to become a filmmaker for lchtv but struggling for ideas on what to talk about? This short film gives a few examples on what you could talk about.

Eva Video Booth

You may have seen our video booth around Leeds Children's Hospital, this short film explains how to work EVA (Evaluation Video Appartus) the video booth!