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Transition Patient Experiences (6 films)

Stories and Experiences about young adults transition from children's services to adult services.

Dialysis - Sarah

Sarah takes us on her visit for dialysis, so other young people know what it will be like.


Sam talks to us about his diagnosis of Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia and how he has dealt with the treatment so far. Sam gives tips on taking tablets as well as talking about how it has affected his education and family.

Connor - My Story

Connor explains what it was like to have a stroke at such a young age and, what his experience was like at the Children's Hospital in Leeds.

Laura (My Diabetes Transition Story)

We hear from 17 year old Laura who talks about her diabetes diagnosis. Laura talks about her experiences with children's services and how she's currently transitioning to diabetes adult services.

Ward L10 - Patient Experience

In this film we hear feedback from two young people that have spent time on ward L10.

Amy Joynes (My Diabetes Story)

20 year old Amy talks about life with type 1 diabetes. 

Alicia's story
11 year old Alicia was diagnosed with aplastic anaemia after finding random bruises on her body. Alicia talks about the process of having a bone marrow transplant.

Ella's story
Ella was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis as a baby. Now 16 years old, Ella talks about living with the condition.

Jacob's story
Jacob shares his experience of having been diagnosed at 17 with ewing sarcoma, a type of bone cancer. Jacob talks about how the hospital environment and its staff really helped him during his treatment. Jacob also talks about the affect his cancer has had on relationships with friends and family.

Amilie's story
7 year old Amilie has recently had heart surgery. Amilie talks about how nice the ward is and how there is lots of things to do to pass the time while recovering from operations.

Transition John's Story
In this film John talks about his experience of transition when moving from a children’s service to an adult service.

One From The Heart

A series of 8 films on and around congenital heart decease in partnership with Leeds Congenital Hearts 

One From The Heart - Sienna Part One

One From The Heart - Sienna Part Two

One From The Heart - Nathan

One From The Heart - Joe

One From The Heart - Evelyn

One From The Heart - Amy & Baby Lydia Part One

One From The Heart - Amy & Baby Lydia Part Two

One From The Heart - Judith

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