Photobiomodulation is a red light treatment to help prevent Mucositis

Mucositis and Photobiomodulation
This film will explain what mucositis is, how it may affect you and what photobiomodulation can do to help reduce the symptoms.

The Project and Research 

Oral mucositis is a term used to describe having a sore mouth, often with multiple painful ulcers. It is a side effect of cancer treatment that affects up to eight in every ten children who have chemotherapy.

This is a film about mucositis and a light treatment (called photobiomodulation) that can be used to prevent and treat this. It has been designed and filmed with children and young people who have had mucositis, and those who have had the light treatment
This video was made as part of a research project, that aimed to find out how acceptable the light treatment was to children as part of their cancer treatment. The children and young people involved in this video hope that it will help to tell other children and their families what mucositis can be like, and what to expect with the light treatment.

Dr Claudia Heggie

Dr Claudia Heggie is a Paediatric Dentist at the University of Leeds & Leeds Teaching Hospitals Trust who is passionate about helping children to keep their mouths healthy during cancer treatment. Her research looks at the use of photobiomodulation to prevent mucositis in children, and how this light treatment can be best introduced in other children's cancer centres.


Professor Bob Phillips

Bob is a Consultant in Paediatric / Teenage-Young Adult Oncology at
Leeds Children's Hospital and Professor at the University of York and
Hull/York Medical School. As the Director of Candlelighters Supportive
Care Research Centre, he researches "supportive care" for children with
cancer; all the stuff that isn't giving chemo, undertaken operations or
delivering radiotherapy.


Getting Involved in Research
This film looks at how Dr Claudia Heggie and Professor Bob Phillips involved children and young people in the development and production of the information film. 

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