MRI  Pictures, sounds and Games ideas.

These pictures are for you to print and add to your social story.

 Modle Scanner

Reception/waiting room

Head Coil

Ankle coil

Body Coil

Knee Coil

Wrist coil

MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging)

These photos show a patient having a scan in our newly refurbished department.

Some scans require contrast dye, sometimes referred to as ‘special picture medicine’. This dye is inserted through a cannula.

MRI Sounds

 Some MRI scans require breath holds.

In this film Rachelle helps you practice holding your breath when you are having a MRI scan.

Breathing instructions during a bowel scan

The children are required to hold their breath at certain points. An automated instruction is sometimes used or the radiographer will verbally give the

instructions and let them know for how many seconds they are required to hold their breath.

 Here are a few games to play at home to practice keeping still.

Musical statues
Sleeping lions
Making a den and laying down in it.
Quiet statues