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Here you can explore the wards at Leeds Children’s Hospital and meet the team. All films are made by young people and their families. Some films will also give feedback about experience from children or young people in hospital. If you would like to see the ward that either you or your child will be visiting then select the ward below. If you have any queries or need to speak to someone about a stay/visit then feel free to call Leeds General Infirmary 0113 243 2799 and ask for the ward you need.

Welcome to Leeds Children's Hospital

A short welcome film on what to expect when visiting Leeds Children's Hospital.

Welcome to Children's A&E

Senior Sister Katie explains what to expect from the Children's A&E department at Leeds General Infirmary.

Welcome to Therapies

Short film explaining what to expect if you/your child needs to attend the Therapy Department.

Welcome to Paediatric Radiotherapy

Short film showing you what happens in the Radiotherapy department.

Children and Teenage Haematology and Oncology ward.

This is Julie White & Ben Sykes who will welcome you to the Children's Haematology & Oncology Day Unit.

Children's Outpatients

This is Sandra Garbutt who will welcome you to Children's Outpatients.


This is Tracy Garner who will welcome you to CSAL which is the Children's Surgical Admissions Lounge.

Paediatric Dialysis Unit.

Charge Nurse Tim tells us all about the Paediatric Dialysis Unit at Leeds Children's Hospital.

Ward L9

This is Kirsty Randall who will welcome you to Ward L9 which is the Children's Assessment and Treatment Unit (CAT) and short stay medicine.

Ward L30

This is Sister Gemma Jones who will welcome you to Ward L30. This is the specialist medical unit which also looks after patients with Cystic Fibrosis.

Ward L31

This is Karen Potts who will welcome you to Ward L31 which is the Children’s Haematology and Oncology ward.

Ward L32 

This is Graham Douglas who will welcome you to Ward L32 which is the Children and Teenage Bone Marrow Transplant Unit.

Ward L33

This is Graham Douglas who will welcome you to Ward L33 which is the Teenage Cancer and Haematology Unit

Ward L40

This is Clare Hazlegreaves who will welcome you to Ward L40 General Medicine.

Ward L41

This is Tracy Cryer who will welcome you to Ward L41 which is the Specialist Surgical ward.

Ward L42

This is Tracy Cryer who will welcome you to L42 which is the General Surgical ward.


Ward L43 Walkthrough (Filmed by staff) 

Ward L47

This is Sharon Frost who will welcome you to Ward L47 which is the Children's Intensive Care Unit.

Ward L48

This is Laura Sharlette who will welcome you to Ward L48 which is the Children's High Dependency Unit.

Ward L49

This is Alison Mason who will welcome you to Ward L49 which is the Children's Day Care Unit.

Ward L50

Joanne Thompson talks about ward L50 and the care they offer to children with kidney, liver, stomach & bowel problems.

Ward L51

This is Sarah Holroyd who will welcome you to Ward L51 which is the Children's Cardiac ward.

Ward L52

This is Julie Cooper who will welcome you to Ward L52 which is Neurology and Neurosurgical ward.

Ward 94 - St. James's Hospital

Youth Support Co-ordinator Carrie takes us through Ward 94 which is a ward for Haematology and Oncology patients aged 18-25 years old based at St. James's Hospital.

Neonatal Unit

This is Natalie Dawson who will welcome you to the Neonatal Unit.

Gender Identity