Ward L31 Films

A 360 Tour Round Ward L31

International Nurse Day

Ward L31

This is Karen Potts who will welcome you to Ward L31 which is the Children's Haematology and Oncology ward.

Mould Room

In this short film we see what the mould making process is like.


Thumb Prick

This short film follows Logan as he has a Thumb Prick to check his blood.


Chemo Duck

A Chemo Duck is given to all children that would like on and can help in the recovery of young people through play.


Having a Port

A catheter connects the port to a vein. Under the skin, the port has a septum through which drugs can be injected and blood samples can be drawn many times, usually with less discomfort for the patient than a more typical "needle stick". used mostly to treat haematology and oncology patients.


Having a Hickman Line

A Hickman line is a central venous catheter most often used for the administration of chemotherapy or other medications, as well as for the withdrawal of blood for analysis.


Play Specialist Page

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