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In this video Tracey's explanation of Portacaths is followed by 2 patient videos; the first shows Charlie having his port accessed and the other shows Phoebe having hers de-accessed.

 Some MRI scans require breath holds.

In this film Rachelle helps you practice holding your breath when you are having a MRI scan.

Rees Bear Has an Anaesthetic

This video includes text taken from the Royal College of Anaesthetists’ (RCoA) leaflet Rees Bear has an anaesthetic but the RCoA has not reviewed this as a whole. Illustrations by Amanda Lillywhite. © 2020 Royal College of Anaesthetists and Association of Paediatric Anaesthetists of Great Britain and Ireland.


Play  Specialists

We hear all about the role of the Play specialists within Leeds Children's Hospital.

The Night Before Christmas

The Magic Hatter
 presents a new digital show inspired by The Night Before Christmas! Featuring amazing magic, seasonal surprises and more puns than a Christmas Cracker factory. With special guests dame Aunty Madge Hatter, Frostbite the Penguin and even Santa Claus himself...YULE love it!

Introduction to the Liver Team

Beads of Courage

Joe's Liver Transplant Story

Having a MRI Scan 

MRI Sounds

What is PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)?

Kidneys and Kidney Transplant

Charlie's Transplant Story

More Resources for Transplant Preparation

Play Specialist

Lisa explains the role of a Play Specialist.


Kevin Makes Friends in Hospital

Have you ever wondered what life is like for children who have to stay in hospital? This cartoon gives you a chance to catch up on Kevin and the new friends he makes.

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