Procedures Films

Here you can explore the possible procedures you/your child might experience while in/at hospital. If you have any questions or queries about your/your child's procedure, please contact your/your child's care team.




Radiographer Emily explains how an X-ray is performed.


Nurse Lucy Jones tells us all about what happens during an ultrasound.

Having an MRI Scan

Watch the short, child-friendly video below which explains to kids and their families everything they need to know about having an awake MRI scan. Paediatric MRI is provided within the general MRI department in Clarendon Wing and CT and complex radiological interventional procedures are provided from the adjacent Jubilee Wing Xray Department. 


CT Scan

Nurse Julie explains what happens durning an CT Scan.

General Anaesthetic

Nurse Emma explains what a general anaesthetic is and what happens on the day of your general anaesthetic. 

Electrocardiogram (ECG)

Nurse Emma explains why and how an ECG (Electrocardiogram) is performed.

Blood Taking in the Phlebotomy Department

This short film explains what happens during a blood test taken in the phlebotomy department (blood taking room).

Blood Taking on the Ward


Play specialist team leader Lisa explains what happens during a cannula procedure.

Allergies and the EpiPen

Film highlighting possible signs and symptoms of an allergic reaction and a helpful guide on how to use an EpiPen.



Short film explaining what to expect at the hydrotherapy pool.

Ablation - How the heart works - Plumbing & Electrics

Dr. Dom Hares explains how the heart works.

Gamma Knife

Sarah goes through gamma knife step by step to give us an understanding of how it works. 

3 Simple exercises to build thigh muscles

Emma shows us 3 easy exercises to build up our thigh muscles after or during treatment.

3 Simple exercises to build leg muscle

Emma will now show us how to exercise the rest of out legs with different variations of workouts.

Introduction to Gastrostomy Tubes (PEG)

Balloon Button Gastrostomy introduction

Gastrostomy post-surgical and discharge information

Gastrostomy Care
Cleaning, external length, taping,
winding, flushing, medications,
advance & rotate and changing the PEG end.

Problem Solving (Leakage, over-granulation, infection & blockages)